Prouction - commercialization

We work our various early, medium and late flowering varieties in a technical way during their different phases. This process is addressed taking into account all specific characteristics of each variety in its wholeness until its flowering, obtaining and harvesting the fruit with the highest accuracy.

Collection - Selection

The harvesting of the cherry in our different farms is carried out applying a maximum as objective; temperature techniques for the conservation of each and every one of its properties, for this:

Collection in the early hours of the morning to maintain the initial temperature, transfer to the warehouse with protocols in time for its conservation and later, following that temperature chain, go to the selection, calibration, packaging and transfer to destination .

Technical resources

Maintenance and technological boosting to the obtainment of an excellent cherry.

Human Resources

People with whom we have been working more than twenty years now our farms and warehouse, and whom accompany us with a main objective: to reach the utmost results with the customer’s highest quality and satisfaction.

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our clients

Our production has a unique orientation and that is to obtain the product that our customers wants always taking into account the context where they are inserted and the idiosyncrasy of each one of them. The only way in which we understand that this objective can be achieved is through proximity and closeness, constant dialogue and the establishment of joint synergies.